Under the Patronage of DG. AbdulHamid El Awa-D2451,

District Membership Comittee  organized the Membership Seminar at Alexandrina Bibliotheca in Alexandria City for the second year in raw.

The Seminar  was attended by 886  Rotarians among which were Fellow Rorarians from Lebanon and Jordon -D2452, in addition to Roteractors, Interactors and guests

Among attendees were  PDG. Malik Aviral -Rotary Coordinator Zone 20 B,   PDGs, DGNs and General Counsels of England, France, Italy, USA., Lebanon, Turkey and Palestine. Guest of honor was Cheif Admiral of Egypt North Zone.

Informative sessions and work shops were held about:-

'Updates in the  Membership in D2451, Challanges and solutions.'

'Ethics is Drive to healthy Clubs'.

'Assess and Empore your Clubs'

'Stratigic Plan and Leadership Skills'

'How to engage and attract New Members'

'Youth is our future at large'.

Recognitions of participations and attendance where distributed to members and Clubs .  Moreover, New  Members were pinned. 

Rotarians then enjoyed a great night at the Arena of Quitbay Citadal.

It was a magnificent  Seminar with all its whereabouts

PDG. Adel Hafez

Membership Committee Chair.

District 2451-Egypt


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لينك صور ندوه العضويه بمكتبه الاسكندريه - المصور وليد


لينك الصور .. 

موتمر العضويه بمكتبة الاسكندرية .المصور مصطفي


لينك صور عشاء القلعه المصور وليد