During his tour of the Middle East in 1928 and 1929, Jim Davidson flew from Greece to Egypt for a brief visit to Cairo where on December 29, 1928, the Cairo Club was inaugurated. This new club in was due to be presented with a Rotary flag as the first club in the country. For this special occasion, the officers had an original idea. Its members chartered a Nile steamer for the occasion. On the morning of March 11, 1929, the Rotarians and their guests embarked on the boat and steamed sedately up the river.
The number of Rotary districts is not static.
In 2005-06, there were 529; in 2006-07, 530; in 2007-08, 532.
Every year, the districting committee meets at the International Assembly and reviews proposals to consolidate smaller districts or partition larger districts.
The districting committee monitors carefully those districts that fall below the required 1,000 Rotarians and 30 clubs.
The committee may recommend consolidation or other action as necessary.


Twenty four years after the first Rotary club was chartered  by Paul P. Harris in Chicago, the Rotary movement reached the shores of the Middle East  when the Rotary Club of Cairo, the first Rotary club in Egypt, was chartered in 1929 followed by the Rotary Club of Alexandria in 1930.

Few months later, it was followed by Palestine, Lebanon in 1932, Syria in 1937, Sudan, Cyprus and Turkey in 1938. In 1942, Turkey was out of the District followed by Israel and Palestine in 1951. Jordan joined in 1956, Bahrain in 1965, Rotary activity stopped in Syria in 1969, United Arab Emirates in 1978 but stopped in the same year, UAE rejoined in 2002, Armenia and Georgia in 2004, Palestine rejoined in 2010. In 2011, the country of Sudan was divided into Sudan and South Sudan and accordingly, our District ended up by having eleven countries instead of ten.

It was by that time the second largest Rotary District in the world consisting of 11 countries located in 3 continents and speaks 6 languages. However in 2012, South Sudan was out of our district to join D-9200, then D-9212 in July 2013.

In 2013/2014 Egypt formed a separate district under the name of District 2451, as the largest country of all 10 with the largest number of Clubs (73) and members of (1828), and all other 10 countries were under District 2452.

District 2451 was originally founded under the name Eastern Mediterranean Provisional District and has been assigned many different Districts  numbers over the years:

On 1/7/1935 the District’s name was modified to District “D”.

On 1/7/1936 the District’s name was modified to District “83”.

On 1/7/1949 the District’s name was modified to District “89”.

On 1/7/1957 the District’s name was modified to District “195”.

On 1/7/1977 the District’s name was modified to District “245”.

On 1/7/1991 the District’s name was modified to District “2450”.

On 1/7/2013 Egypt became a separate District under number “2451”.